Price increase June 2024

In an attempt to save the repair shop, and to get a little less traffic, we’ll be increasing our prices on repair services starting June 1st. New prices are

  • Guitar effects: NOK 800,- / hour + MVA
  • Guitar amplifiers: NOK 1200,- / hour + MVA
  • Outboard: NOK 1400,- / hour + MVA
  • Synthesizers: NOK 1400,- / hour + MVA

Minimum fee, any service: 400 + MVA.
Also, there will be a small fee for each invoice sendt to handle accountant costs. (NOK 20,- + MVA)

Vendors and service partners will receive their usual discounts. Orders already in will be processed with the old prices. Cheers.

Don’t buy clones

Don’t feed the leaches and parasites that prevent innovation and undermines the livelihood of creators. Don’t buy landfill. This applies to any resent “inspired” product by Warm Audio, Behringer or similar fucking fuckers. We won’t service that shit. Don’t bring it in. Don’t buy it.

Update May 10th: Adding Cloud Microphones and AEA products to their list of knock offs, Warm Audio continues to undermine smaller companies. Don’t let them get away with this. Buy the originals.

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