Small repair shopSince 2005, we’ve run a very busy repair shop for pro audio equipment and vintage gear in general.

We prefer fixing old, cranky analogue gear – Tube amps, synthesizers*, consoles, outboard, microphones, effect pedals and tape machines are all welcome. We do not do home entertainment systems, solid state amps, acoustic instruments, non-music equipment, or anything by Behringer**.

If you’re in a hurry, note that with the the small size of our operation, some repairs might take a while, especially if parts have to be imported. Effect pedals, guitar amps and outboard generally have a quicker turn-around than vintage synths and restoration work. If you’re just looking for some advice or odd part, we will try to help as much as time allows.

Pricing: NOK 1000,- + MVA/hour. Minimum fee of 395,- + MVA. (Guitar effects NOK 500/195,-)

The repair shop is located in Gøteborggata 23 at Grünerløkka,  Oslo. Opening hours: 10 – 16:00, Monday to Friday. Call prior to visiting to make an appointment, as we might be out for on-location services.

* Update 08.08.18: Please see
Also, we only do ARP Soloists if your name is David, ARP Omnis only if your name is Kim, and anything Simmons only if your name is Dan.

** Or from underneath the “Music Tribe” umbrella – or of similar build quality or business philosophy.