Price increase June 2024

In an attempt to save the repair shop, and to get a more focused traffic, we’ll be increasing our prices on repair services starting June 1st. New prices are

  • Guitar effects: NOK 800,- / hour + MVA
  • Guitar amplifiers: NOK 1200,- / hour + MVA
  • Outboard: NOK 1400,- / hour + MVA
  • Synthesizers: NOK 1400,- / hour + MVA

Minimum fee, any service: 400 + MVA.
Also, there will be a small fee for each invoice sendt to handle accountant costs. (NOK 20,- + MVA). Heavy objects such as speakers and transformers will ad a postage fee on import when not stocked (Usually between NOK 170 and 400,- + MVA).

Vendors and service partners will receive their usual discounts. Orders already in will be processed with the old prices. Cheers.

Don’t buy clones

Don’t feed the leaches and parasites that prevent innovation and undermines the livelihood of creators. Don’t buy landfill. This applies to any resent “inspired” product by Warm Audio, Behringer or similar fucking fuckers. We won’t service that shit. Don’t bring it in. Don’t buy it.

Update May 10th: Adding Cloud Microphones and AEA products to their list of knock offs, Warm Audio continues to undermine smaller companies. Don’t let them get away with this. Buy the originals.

Consider visiting


No orange monkey business

As we’ve stated earlier on what used to be Twitter – Now a one syllable circle jerk – Should the orange monkey be re-elected, we will stop all import and service of US products.

This is just an added measure to our already existing policy – “If you’re pro Trump*, we’re not fixing your shit”. We run a strict ANTI-FASCIST shop here. Cheers.

* Putin, Netanyahu or any obvious fucktard**

Not sure if you will be affected? Besides preparing for the zombie apocalypse, you could read the Wiki on US brands here:

** like …say, Jack O’Donnell or Uli Behringer

We’re open

We served more than 500 amps and instruments in 2023 – We aim to surpass that in 2024. However – this first week is going to be slow, as we’re counting stock and wait for new parts.

Remember to call in advance to see if we’re in and wheter we will accept your item. Also, our parking space is buried in snow.

For those nervous of the New Years fire in the neighbourhood, our shop is untouched. For those who wonder if their item has been fixed during the holidays – The answer lies in “holidays”.

Last orders and deadlines, 2023

We’re in the last week of taking orders for 2023, as we want this space empty, bright and clean for 2024. Please note the following dealines:

DEC 8th: Last chance to hand in any item for repair in 2023

DEC 18th: Last chance to pick up anything before the holidays

JAN 3rd: First regular business day in 2024 for the repair shop

Visits or pickups during the holidays will not be possible.

For studio services, contact NAG Records or Zensor ANS.

Opening hours WINTER 2023

At the end of the autumn of ’23, and on into the darkness, we’ll be sticking to the following opening hours for the repair shop:

  • 10 – 16 Monday & Tuesday
  • 10 – 15 Wednesday
  • 10 – 16 Thursday and Friday

Please call in advance to make sure we’re available – And pretty please, do not call at night or in the weekends.

Note that we do take selected synth repair requests again, thanks to the new, bigger repair shop.