Opening hours AUTUMN 2023

For the end of the summer of ’23, and on into the darkness, we’ll be sticking to the following opening hours:

  • 10 – 16 Monday & Tuesday
  • 10 – 15 Wednesday
  • 10 – 16 Thursday and Friday

Please call in advance to make sure we’re available – And pretty please, do not call at night or in the weekends.

Note that we do take general synth repair requests again, thanks to the new, bigger repair shop.

Gearing up for summer 2022

There will be some changes starting may 1st:

  • The studio and repair shop splits up to make space for more traffic. We’re still at the same floor, but check both door bells if no one answers.
  • Our rates increase to meet the growing prices and market instability – We’ll be billing NOK 1200 + MVA / hour for general repairs – minimum fee of NOK 400,- (600,- + MVA / 200,- for guitar effect boxes) from now on.
  • Our long neglected paint- and mechanics shop move to the same address, so there will be a new batch of FX-pedals coming.

No more Russian tubes

For obvious reasons, we do not offer Russian tubes until

  1. Russia withdraws from Ukraine and
  2. Russia admits to their war crimes and makes a proper fucking effort to redeem their atrocious acts

Until then, we do not offer any Russian produced valves such as Sovtek, Tung-Sol, Svetlana, Electro-Harmonix, “Mullard” or anything by New Sensor Corporation made at the Saratov plant. We will offer old stock as long as they last, but we’re eagerly watching TAD and JJ gearing up for future audio culture maintenace.

EHX update: